Our Mission

Our goal is to become the benchmark in the app market and to promote the sharing of data between the various market entities.

You’re selling your app? So your buyers need to knows data, you can require a pdf that shows a resume of all the data related to your app and an estimation of the sale price calculated on:


Superippo is landmark

Nowadays, where the app market is constantly growing, the forecast is that the app market will become one of the most important globally, which is why it is expected that a boom in investors in this sector. The subjects involved will be numerous, for this reason supersppo intends to become a reference point in the negotiation phase during the purchase of the app. In fact, Superippo is a third party whose task is to provide an evaluation opinion on the app based on objective and visible data available to both parties involved. exceed, remember, it is not an app market but a simple app evaluation tool. Our goal is to be able to evaluate as many apps as possible in order to avoid scams or similar buyers and sellers...

Some News


Superippo debut

Superpippo has begun its growth path in the world of apps. in fact, many programmers have already chosen superior to evaluate their app apps.


Play Store downloads hit 28.3 billion during lockdown

According to data from SensorTower, 24.3 billion apps were downloaded from the Play Store in Q1 2020. This jumped to 28 billion downloads in Q2 and peaked at 28.3 billion in Q3. For perspective, that represents a 31 percent year-on-year increase.


Android 10 sets adoption record, updates to get even faster

Google’s attempts to fix Android OS version fragmentation appears to be working, with the latest flavour becoming the fastest adopted yet.


New developer tools boost Google Assistant’s capabilities

The virtual assistant is regularly found to handle general queries better than its closest competitors, but too often you can think it would just be quicker to do a task yourself. We're still far off from the sci-fi visions of AI assistants like HAL and JARVIS.

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