Frequenty Asked Question

Here you can find some answer to your questions , otherwise if there isn't plese contact us compiling the form here our operator will help you soon!

General questions
Account registration at Superippo is only required if you will be selling or buying apps. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
you can view and modify your personal data in the appropriate Account section. In this section you can also edit them. If you want, you can choose an icon to put on your profile. You can choose from a series of icons that we have selected for you.
If you lost or you want to change your password,you have to go to the login access,then here you can find forgot password link. clicking here we are able to send you , at your address email, the insturction to put your new password. Remeber the new password, as well the old one, must have at least 8 characters, an upper case and a special character.
if you want to unsubscribe from our community just send an email to, telling us your username and your email. our technicians will delete your account. At the end of the procedure you will be sent an email with the information you have communicated to us. In addition, all the apps that you have uploaded to the network will also be deleted unless otherwise indicated, which we ask you to specify when sending the email.
Basically everyone, who want to sell your or peoplewh want to buy one , but their want to know more or maybe their wnat to know if the price is correct.
the evaluation certificate of your app can be found in the Your app section. in fact, here you will find all your apps that we have evaluated. To download and or view the certificate, just click on the name of your app at that point you can view the data we have detected and the certificate. To download the certificate, just click on the document.
Remember our certificate has a limited time validity of approximately 5/6 months, after which it can be renewed..
To delete an app from your wallet, go to your app section and click on the trash icon of the app you want to delete. At that point the system will delete the app from your wallet and the app data will be visible to everyone again. If you are a seller, on the other hand, you can permanently delete the app data, just tick the appropriate box when deleting the app from your wallet.
If you have problems integrating the SDK into your app you can consult our documentation here. If you do not find the answer to your problems you can contact us or by filling out our form on the site or send us an email explaining the problem you encountered. Our technicians will be happy to help you solve your problem.
If you see in the network app the app that your are going to buy , you can add to yor personal area by clicking the add icon. At that point the system will move the app in your personal area. Remember once you add the app in your personal area only you and the seller can see the certificate and also the app statics.
If you want to delete one app from your personal area you have to click the trash icon then the app will moveto the networ. Remember once you decide to moveout one of your app everyone can see the statics of the app and also add to their personal area.
If you see the certificate you can only click in the app name in the network. at that point you can see all the statics and at the end the page there is the certificate in pdf.
Our certificate has no legal value and does not oblige anyone to offer the product at a different price than the one we calculated. in this regard, we would like to remind you that ours is an additional service to the already existing app markplaces. the goal of our certificate is to give additional information regarding an app to the buyer who otherwise would not know.